British bookworms immerse themselves in 696 books over a lifetime

Printed books are on the up again!

A recent study by eBay UK found that British bookworms will immerse themselves in 696 books over a lifetime – with crime and thrillers the most popular.

Each year, the average adult will get through 11 books, with almost one in five saying they read every day.

But the study also found 42% are too busy to read as much as they would like with the average adult owning at least 10 books they are yet to get to the end of.

Rob Johnson, co-founder of Wordery, eBay UK’s online bookstore, said: ‘There is no doubt that we are a nation of readers, but it is really heartwarming to see that reading books and getting lost in fiction is still a hobby Brits love to take part in, especially in the days of box sets and instant viewing.’

The study of 2000 adults found summer holidays are the optimum time to get your nose into a good book, with 65% saying that reading on holiday as a good way to relax.

In fact, the average adult will get through two books during a week long break, getting lost inside an exciting tale for one hour and 20 minutes a day while on a break – twice as long as they do when they are at home. 

And 36% happily re-read a story on holiday that they have already enjoyed before.

It also emerged 51% said reading helps them get lost in another world, and 44% enjoy a good book as part of making time for themselves.

The study also named The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as the most read book. My all-time favourite, The Lord of the Rings, came in at number 17.


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